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Seven Suggestions on How to Find Accounting Homework Answers

Accounting is the measurement, processing and communication of financial information about businesses and entities that require economic record keeping. This is a vast field of study and sometimes you can find yourself stuck, unable to complete homework or resolve the problems. The following are seven suggestions to finding answers to your accounting homework:

  1. Asking your professor may not give you a direct answer but you will find help resolving the issue to get the answer you need. Teachers know and expect students to run into problems and often offer office hours to help students through stumbling blocks. Many give an e-mail address for their students to contact them out of the classroom for additional help.
  2. A classmate is another great, quick, close by solution to getting answers. Having the contact information of a classmate is a prudent way to help you when you get stuck.
  3. Hiring a tutor will also help you get answers. If you find yourself stuck often hiring a tutor may be a solution.
  4. Group study sessions are also advisable. Check your local boards for times and places to join an accounting study group. You will be able to obtain contact information for other students and tutors.
  5. Ask a professional! If you have a friend, family member or neighbor who is an accountant, they are great resource to help get you answers.
  6. Free services on the internet are available to answer your questions. Most sites offer the opportunity to e-mail your question or problem, it is then posted to a forum and other people will answer the question. It is important to be precise, clear and polite when using these forums. Also researching the archives to see if your question has already been asked is an awesome tool.
  7. Pay for service options are plenty on the internet.
    • There are sites that offer monthly memberships to their sites which have the answers to over 9,000 accounting textbook questions.
    • Sites which allow you to submit a question, read partial responses and hire the person you want to answer based on those responses.
    • Doing a search engine search on your particular question can also bring up answers.
    • Video sites are another option to find a solution of someone who has worked through the problem.

While the internet provides the easiest options for obtaining answers to your accounting homework, other options listed above can also provide results. Being prepared and knowing who to turn to you or where to go will solve your questions.


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