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Social Studies Homework Ideas For Those Who Got Stuck

Social studies can be a monotonous subject for students who do not have an interest in history. It can be tough for a student to gather relevant information, fetch valuable data, develop an interest, put yourself in the position, and write the paper in an effective manner. One notable thing here to keep in mind is that it is both the responsibility of the teacher and the student to make the subject fun and interesting. It is hard for students to concentrate on something, which is boring and repetitive. History as a subject, will have numerous dates, names, and event titles that are hard or the student to memorize. You need to make it interesting for yourself so that you do not feel stuck.

To solve the problem that you face while attempting social studies homework, you can consider adopting the following techniques.

  1. Make the subject interesting
  2. The first thing you need to have while attempting a paper is genuine interest. As long as you do not have interest in the subject, it will be next to impossible to complete a winning assignment. You can use several methods to develop or increase your interest in the subject.

    • Watch a documentary or movie related to the event you are reading, for example, if you are reading about the civil war, you can watch plenty of movies, dramas, serials, and documentaries that show different aspects of the war. You will be better able to make sense of the events if you watch them like a story.
    • Read a book that relates to the subject and involves some real facts and examples. This will be an easy way to memorize the name of different characters and the roles they played during the event.
    • Make a word wall using the alphabets from A-Z and their corresponding events. You can add a little detail to each to make this wall more interesting.
    • Use imagery, visuals, graphics, colors, and icons to make the events more interesting and relevant for your subject. You can ask for help from your teacher in designing these visuals or check the internet for excellent ideas.
  3. Understand the difference between concepts and facts
  4. You need to have a clear distinction between facts and concepts because facts are something you learn while concepts are something you have to understand to make sense of the overall subject.


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