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Banning Homework In Schools: The Main Pros And Cons

Homework is considered as both a good and bad thing by students, teachers and parents alike and the debate goes on, with both sides providing convincing arguments. This practice dates back to the first colonial days in the Americas where teachers would give students tasks comprised mostly of reading assignments. In those days, it was no problem, a student could easily read a passage from a book or excerpt and write a few paragraphs on what they have read. In modern times, however, these tasks have grown from simple, written and reading requirements, to large scale projects requiring financial investments and parental participation.

Here are the main arguments for and against the act of homework:


  1. Develops independent working abilities
  2. During the early years of a student’s schooling, they are involved more heavily in the classroom environment. Because of this, many grow accustomed to the guidance of their teachers and their peers, working on their own at home can encourage a student develop independent working skills.

  3. Allows for more studying than school periods allow
  4. School periods are relatively short and the amount of work that can be done during this time is limited. Assigning tasks for students to complete at home, on their free time, is an effective method of accomplishing more work than possible during school.

  5. Grants the student opportunity for self assessment
  6. Working on your own is the most direct way of accessing your capabilities and understanding of a subject.


  • Deprives a child the time to develop in other areas outside of academics
  • Academic studies are not the only aspects of life and growth that are important to a person. Because of the large workloads, students can be deprived of important activities in their lives, like birthday parties.

  • Deprives children of family time
  • Many of us regret not spending more time with our loved ones when we had the chance and one major reason for this is because they spent too much time studying. School often takes up 7 to 8 hours a day, with 8 hours spent sleeping, one does not have much free time for themselves.

  • Provides an unfair environment since some students have extra duties to perform
  • Some students have absolutely nothing to do at home but whatever they desire, while some don’t have it as easy. It is also quite common for school to derive part of a student’s final mark from assignments tasks and this can be quite unfair to some students.


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