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How to Do Homework for Your Japanese Class: a Few Great Techniques

As an English speaker, learning a language can be a struggle especially when the language contains an unfamiliar alphabet or writing system. There are even more complexities in learning Japanese due to the need to show respect to people of different stations in different ways. Here are a few great techniques you can use to help you with your Japanese homework:

Take a supplementary class

If you have more questions than answers at the end of your class take another class in the language to help you get more comfortable. This may not even cost you extra as so many language classes are available for free online.

Make Kanji flashcards

If recognizing kanji is your main concern try making flash cards. You can either do this on paper or use a website that creates them for you. These can help you to remember the right meanings for any symbols when you do your homework. This skill will also come in handy when you try to read words that have not been transliterated from Japanese into the roman alphabet.

Get a friend in the class to work alongside you

When a classmate supports you the two of you can benefit from each other’s expertise and point out each other’s weaknesses. This is especially helpful in practicing conversation skills. You can use the natural flow of real life conversation to help you work out the homework questions that give you the most trouble.

Check out a language exchange

If you have no one in your class to work on homework problems with, try using a language exchange. There will be people who speak Japanese and would like to learn English or any other languages you speak. Talk to them and get their feedback on your homework as you go through it. Native speakers will also make your accent much better.

Listen to Japanese music, news broadcasts and anime

Watching television in another language or listening to its music can provide a context for the static things you learn in class. This makes it easier to apply them to your homework later. Additionally, when you watch television you can get cues from the characters body language that make the meanings of their words twice as easy to comprehend and remember.

The act of learning a new language can be rewarding throughout your entire life. Take your Japanese homework seriously and you will excel.


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