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Where To Obtain Precalculus Homework Help For Free

Precalculus is one of the very worst subjects to come across. It’s hard, has lot of trigonometry and you have to deal with triangles and proportions. Fortunately we live in the era of information at everyone’s reach. Our parents would have had to get a friend or a teacher to tutor the, while also having to pay them for their help. The internet is probably one of the best things to have happened to humanity in this sense since the invention of private classes and cheating.

Online, you can find many places to go for help with your math assignments, understanding explanations, concepts and processes. In fact, some of them are free, which is great for your empty wallet.

  • Mathway
  • Mathway is a page where all you need to do to get the answers to the problems you hate so much is input the problem. It works for more than just Precalculus. It also works with Calculus, Trig, Basic Math and even Chemistry. If you want a step by step solution, you can get the upgraded account for $99.99 a year, if not, the answer is still free.

  • Hotmath
  • Hotmath works with textbook exercise solutions. It gives you some for free, but most require you to pay an annual fee of $49 to access al solutions and a $29 fee to be able to access video explanations.

  • Slader
  • Slader gives you a textbook by textbook, exercise by exercise solution and explanation to the exercises you have to turn in. Like the other pages, you can upgrade your account to get more complete information. You can also get a tutor on this page. Your peers will tutor you for free (but beware, there is never any guarantee that they actually know what they are doing) or if you want a pro to tutor you they will charge a fee.

  • TutorVista
  • Over at TutorVista, you will find exercise examples and explanations by topic. There will be simple examples and illustrative examples. Tutors re also available for you through live chat to explain what you get stuck with, but this feature comes with a price tag. With subscriptions ranging from $124.99 to $199.99 for a month subscription for different levels of math skills with unlimited tutoring.

All the options presented have both a free and an upgraded version but, to get the guidance you need, answers can sometimes be more than enough. If you’re willing to dish out the subscriptions to the pages, it would be a highly informative experience, however, you can get good online help for your homework for free.


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