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How To Cope With Overwhelming Amounts Of Homework In College

If students in high school think they have too much homework, they are truly mistaken. Students do not know what “too much homework” really means until they begin taking college classes. High school teachers tell their students when they have homework and they remind their students when the homework is due. College professors simply put all of the homework dates in the syllabus and expect it to be done - without any reminders. Nearly every night, college students have homework, which usually includes a large amount of reading as well as problem solving, writing, and outlining. All of this homework, night after night, can create a sense of overwhelming stress and many college students have no idea how to cope. Here are a few strategies:

Schedule a time to work on homework: It can be enticing to spend hours hanging out with friends, but homework needs to get done. The best way to manage homework is to create a weekly schedule and to stick to it.

Read the syllabus: Every professor has the syllabus for the course ready before the course starts. There is nothing wrong with beginning the course readings before the class begins. It is also helpful to add the due dates to your smartphone calendar so you know the due dates.

Ask questions: Professors all have office hours, which are dedicated to helping students and answering questions. Some students never meet their professors during their office hours. Since most teachers tend to grade with more care when they know the student, it is worth your time to go to office hours and ask some questions. If you have to write several essays and responses for the course, visit the professor and ask about the specific requirements for the papers - but make sure the questions are not answered on the syllabus. You could ask for a sample or template if you know that you write better with one.

Participate in study sessions: Some classes have organized study sessions and it is in your best interest to participate. These study sessions can help students better manage their homework because they can work with other students to get the assignments done quicker than if they worked alone. Some study groups actually share tests and essays from previous courses, so you might be able to get some insight on what the assessments look like.


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