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Why You Shouldn't Utilize Calculus Homework Answers

There are so many places online that you can get the answers to your calculus program. Many students go this route. They jump online, get the answers, and then they are done with their homework in no time. There are some very specific reasons why students should avoid just looking up the answers even if they are so easy to find online.

  1. It won’t help you understand the concepts.
  2. Getting the answers online won’t help you understand the concepts. You may get the answers to your homework but when it comes time for you to take the test, you will have no idea how to complete the problems.

  3. You will just get farther behind.
  4. Plus, if you need to know any of the concepts for completing problems in the future, you won’t know how to do them either. Most concepts build on the one before so if you don’t learn how to do it, you will struggle with all of the concepts in the future that relate to the concept that you didn’t learn.

  5. You have no way to know that these answers are even correct.
  6. Anyone can post anything on the internet. There is no source that checks the validity of the information provided online. You may think that you found a good source and then find out that you just have the wrong answers. This can make it even harder for you to understand the concepts.

  7. It is cheating and the consequences if you get caught are serious.
  8. Getting answers online is cheating and if you get caught you can be expelled or fail the course that you are taking. Teachers could put answers that don’t make any sense on these types of sites so that you choose them and then you are caught. They will look at you so much differently and they can accuse you of cheating. Plus, if your homework is perfect and you flunk your tests, it shows that you may have cheated so they may test you to see if you are really doing your homework.

  9. You can use other more helpful resources.
  10. There are so many sources out there that can really help you learn the concepts. Check out some video tutorials. They will walk you through the problems and you can watch them at your pace. It is like having a personal tutor.


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